Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Travis Wilson

    Senior Pastor

    Woodworker | Gardener | Recovering Engineer

    Trav was born in Florence, Alabama and is married to the lovely and gracious and long-suffering Becca (Newland) Wilson. They have two daughters Alexandra and Lucy. Trav’s focus is on leading and serving the staff and congregation of Madison Methodist Church  with his favorite things being teaching and preaching.   

    Favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings, Shawshank Redemption, The Last Samurai

  • Sandy Weisner

    Director of Worship & Fine Arts

    Cookie Connoisseur | Feline Collector | Madison City Community Orchestra Founder/Director

    Sandy and her husband Tony have 3 children, 2 grandchildren 4 cats and a dog. Her MMC ministry is one of fun and enjoyment - some say it’s better than therapy!!  They love to come together to praise God, to learn from the Word, and to be moved by the Holy Spirit and to direct people to become closer to Jesus through song, praise and worship.  As one of her passions, Sandy went out and met a need within the community and began the Madison City Community Orchestra - a place where are all musicians are able to play and enjoy being part of that type of organization.  Her motto: Music is the universal language that is able to break through every barrier and heal the soul.

    Favorite book: Harry Potter

  • Jean McDaniel

    Director of Children's Ministry

    Avid Reader | Amateur Genalogist | Top Chef Wannabe

    Jean and Pete are high school sweethearts with two grown kids who are off the payroll!! Whoot! Whoot! Their home is blessed with lots of laughter and extreme amounts of Golden Retriever hair. Jean loves to cook and has been known on occasion to cater large events. She is an avid reader of all kinds of genres and if asked which super hero power she'd like to possess, it would have to be time travel! You'll find Jean wearing all kinds of hats in our Children's Ministry where she lives out her passion to create an irresistible experience that leads kids into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

    Favorite book: Outlander

  • Sharon Diocson

    Business Administrator

  • Jennifer Salter

    Chancel Pianist/Youth Choir Director

  • Jolene Farlow

    Nursery Supervisor

  • Alice Eaton

    Children's Choir Director

  • Tripp Anderson

    Youth Director